Back End Engineer

Back End Engineer
Permanent - Taipei

Job details

  • City : Taipei
  • Function : Engineering
  • Sector : Information Services
  • Reference : 28325

Job description

Job responsibility:

- 協助開發以 Docker + Node.JS 為核心的 Micro-Service 框架
- 利用現在實用化的 Function As A Service (FaaS) 達成快速部署和功能

We are looking for a backend engineer to help build and improve our current system:
- Help build and improve our Docker + Node.JS based Micro-Service Architecture
- Leverage Function as a Service (FaaS) design to provide rapid deployment and feature.

- 積極且強烈的執念推進這個產品直至完備
- 彈性的應對外部和內部的變化

Qualified Candidates brings the following traits
- Strong desire and initiative in driving the product to its completion.
- Adapt to changing infrastructure and platform.



- Node.JS
- Strong understanding in Asynchrounous programming
- Mongo and Redis
- Use of mongo shell to debug and/or export data
- Use of Redis as Cache and PubSub
- Monitor Replica-Set

- Docker
- Understand basics in container usage and inter-container communication
- Provision compose file

- Strong understanding in common services
- IAM, EC2, Lambda, ALB, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch Logs
- Able to daftly manage credentials and configuration

- Angular2 / React.JS
- Proficient in either MVC framework

Desired profile