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Senior Manager, Country Operational Excellence Mas

Professional skills : ACE/Apollo Cause and Root Analysis Certification MK/Manufacture Kaizen, Process Flow Certification, Minitab for statistical analysis

Project Delivery Manager/ Quality Manager

+8 years people Management experience in recently 2 jobs, led Americans/ Indian/ Koran team members, and business trip to China


US returnee, EE background, and 1 year people management experience

Supplier & Quality Management Manager

Professional Skills : Oracle、ERP system、Agile's PLM、Lean manufacturing、Six sigma、ISO certification (Mobile)3G、CDMA、GSM、MMS、GPRS、Wimax、 (Programs) : ASP, C, C++, CGI, Java, JSP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Perl, Python, Jsp, PHP, XML, Dbase, Access, MS


+16 years of experience mainly in the science ,semiconductor and technology industry

FAE and after Sales

Operational Amplifier implement other function circuit

Quality Assurance Manager

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Training Course_MCSE_P1(MCSA) (UCOM Training Center)-2006,154 hrs

Acoustic Engineer / Supervisor聲學部課長

熟悉揚聲器生產相關流程, 產線測試,揚聲器音箱設計調整,異常分析與處理


Strong expertise in business negotiations, enterprise-wide operations, supply chain, sourcing, and industrial management.

Project Sales / Sales Engineer

Think ahead, innovative, great cross-functional communication skill and solid problem-solving skills

Sale & Project Manager

With Project Management Professional Certification


People Management experience and scope : 3 years people management experience (directly led 4 PMs, indirectly led 20 people)